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Wildcrafted Raw Irish Sea Moss

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Sea Moss / Irish Moss - Wildcrafted - 100% Natural, Raw / Dried

Description: Our Raw, Wildcrafted Sea Moss has over 90% of the 102 of the nutrients and minerals that are essential for the human body. We collect a variety of sea moss types, hand picked by farmers so you get the highest quality when you place an order.

Our raw sea moss is sourced globally, which includes the shores of Jamaica, St. Lucia, and Africa. Its longer shelf life gives people time to create the sea moss gel at their own pace and fit it in their busy schedules.

Key Benefits
Sea moss is known to support a healthy lifestyle by adding to your daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Sea moss contains over 90% of the 102 minerals and vitamins that the body needs to function.

Our customers have used sea moss to support their:

Immunity: Sea moss is rich in essential vitamins C, D, E, B6, and the mineral zinc

Workouts: Sea moss is loaded with iron, energy-boosting B vitamins, iodine, and magnesium

Gut Health: Sea moss contains alginate, a polysaccharide known to act as a prebiotic and support healthy digestion

Mood & Cognition: Sea moss is rich in potassium, which can support a reduction in anxiety and irritability

Youthful Complexion: Sea moss contains anti-aging properties and antioxidants that can support skin hydration and enhance skin cell turnover

 Clean sea moss with cold water, then soak sea moss for 12- 24 hours (pull debris as sea moss expands), clean sea moss again, then blend with warm or boiling water, immediately after blending place in a container and place in a refrigerator 

 Irish Sea Moss, Eucheuma, and Gracilaria

Our Guarantee
Our sea moss comes wild-crafted from the shores of Jamaica, St. Lucia, Africa, and many more. We test our sea moss and never accept pool grown, so our customers receive unaltered nutrients straight from the ocean to your table.

Shelf Life: 1 Year After Arrival Date

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