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Boost your well-being with our Organic Irish Sea Moss Gel. This is not your ordinary health supplement - it's your personal wellness tool, packed with valuable nutrients. Our Sea Moss Gel is harvested from pure ocean waters around regions like Jamaica, St. Lucia, and Africa, ensuring top quality for your health needs.

Every batch of our Sea Moss Gel is freshly prepared upon receiving your order. Plus, we only source Sea Moss grown in its natural ocean habitat, not artificial pools. Following Dr. Sebi's recommendations, we blend our Sea Moss with Alkaline Spring Water to deliver an exceptional health supplement.

Product Features

Fresh and Premium Quality: We prepare our Sea Moss Gel on demand to guarantee freshness and optimal nutrient value for you.

Multifunctional Superfood: With its neutral taste, our Sea Moss Gel can be added to various drinks and foods like smoothies, juices, teas, coffees, and soups. It can also be used topically as a face mask or hair wash.

Health Enhancer: Regular use can support your immune system, promote healthy skin, improve digestion, increase energy levels, support bone and joint health, boost metabolism, maintain a healthy thyroid, and improve mood.

Naturally Sourced: Our Sea Moss is wildcrafted from the ocean, delivering pure, unaltered nutrients straight from nature.

Extended Freshness: Stored correctly in the fridge, our Sea Moss Gel will stay fresh for three to four weeks, providing you with a long-lasting health supplement.


Product Description
Are you ready to boost your daily health routine? Our Organic Irish Sea Moss Gel is a natural health booster, packed with beneficial minerals and vitamins. Whether your goal is better skin, increased energy, or improved overall health, our Sea Moss Gel is your perfect companion.

With approximately 32 servings in each 16oz jar, it's a simple and effective way to improve your daily nutrition.

Wildcrafted Sea Moss, Alkaline Spring Water.

Directions for Use
Take 1-2 tablespoons daily. Can be mixed with your preferred food or drink, or applied topically for skincare and haircare. Please remember to refrigerate after opening.

Safety Information
If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a pre-existing medical condition, consult your healthcare provider before use.

Legal Disclaimer
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Where to Buy
Ready to take a step toward better health? Purchase our Organic Irish Sea Moss Gel directly from our website and start your journey to a healthier you!

    Organic Irish Sea Moss Gel - Unflavored Gold

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Lesa Moore-Clark
    Excellent Sea Moss

    SeaPharms Organic Irish Sea Moss surpassed my expectations! It was fresh and smooth! It was everything that was described and more! I’ve finally found a company that I believe in!

    Tammy Prince
    Sea Moss ❤️

    It was good! I’m glad it’s a place near me that sells Sea Moss!

    Chanel Jackson
    Best seamoss gel for your daily healthy lifestyle!

    I ordered the seamoss gel and decided to use it in my hot tea. The gel dissolved very well and my body felt amazing as I continued to use the product. It is also great to use when you are sick and battling the cold during the peaks of the season. Highly recommend!

    Regina Nicholas
    I love this Product!

    I ordered the sea moss gel in mango and I am very pleased with my purchase! So much so, that I have incorporated it into my daily life. The flavor is refreshing which makes taking it a breeze. I follow the required daily dosage, but if I could I would eat it as a snack. I highly recommend SeaPharms to buy your sea moss. You will receive great customer service and a product made with integrity and high quality!

    Shawn Jordan

    Love ya'll's product, the customer service is awesome, responding back to your customers and making sure your customers are taking care of is outstanding, looking forward to checking out more of ya'll's products.

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